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Your everything a big bad wolf could want..

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 - Once Upon a Dream [music box version]
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Once Upon A Dream (Music Box Version) | Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

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Chocolate Fudge S’mores Thumbprints

GHSTS // 08/08/2013


GHSTS // 08/08/2013


Flickr credit: insidethemagic


Flickr credit: insidethemagic


Mad Hatter Mocha and Queen Of Hearts Strawberry cake cups, Cheshire Cafe, Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

These are FAR bigger then they look… Very filling and almost overly sweet, (In particular the Queen Of Hearts Strawberry one) but a tasty treat if you really are into your sweets! 


when i was 14 i went camping with 3 friends, just in a field miles from anywhere. after we'd gone to bed, we woke up and one of the girls had got up and was just stood outside. we went and got her but it was like she was sleep walking?? she had her eyes open but didn't seem to recognise us.. so we put her back in the tent but she did this another 2 times: just went and stood out in the dark field asleep but eyes wide open, not responding to anything 1/2


2/2 then at about 4 in the morning, we were all awake except this 1 girl, and suddenly it got so hot in the tent. like, the temperature just shot up so fast we were all going what the hell is this. the sleepwalking girl sat up in bed and opened her eyes, and she grabbed me by the neck & she started shouting in a really deep voice — she kept saying ‘WHAT ARE YOU?’. obvs we all screamed and then she suddenly woke up, the temperature went back to normal, and she didn’t remember a thing about it.


do not camp with her ever again

Le Rire covers, c. 1950’s

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